Apps & Sandwiches


Sweet Potato Fries with Dipping Sauce

 $9.00 | Sweet potato waffle fries served with creamy chipotle or pineapple and brown sugar dipping sauces.

Smoked Hummus

Large enough to share $14 | Just right for one $8

House smoked hummus served with veggies, pita rounds, and seasoned tortilla chips.

Smoked Sausage & Cheese

Large enough to share $14 | Just right for one $8

Sliced smoked sausage or smoked bologna with pita rounds, smoked cheese, beer mustard, and basting sauce. Simply good!


 $10.00 | Queso loaded with your choice of pork, chicken, or brisket (add$3) and served with Frito Scoops.

Queso and chips without meat. $8.00

Loaded Pigskin

Brisket or bacon $4.00/EA.  | Pork or chicken $3.00/EA.

Jumbo potato boats filled with your choice of pork, chicken, brisket, or crispy bacon, topped with cheddar & jack cheeses and green onions. Served with sour cream.

Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

$13.00 | Shrimp wrapped in hickory smoked bacon with Dead End Basting Sauce. Served on a bed of onion strings, plus Dead End Wild Boar Sauce for dipping.


Burny Mac

$14.00 | A generous portion of our house made macaroni & pimento cheese topped with brisket burnt ends. Garnished with spicy BBQ wing sauce, green onions, and local hot chow-chow.

BBQ Cheddar Meatloaf

$13.00 | Three glazed cheddar mini meatloaves paired with mashed potatoes and BBQ gravy. Served with one additional side and choice of bread.

Randall’s Kitchen Sink Burrito

$14.00 | Toasted flour tortilla loaded with pork, chicken, brisket, queso, tater tots, red white & bleu slaw, and fried jalapeños then drizzled with spicy BBQ wing sauce and queso. Served with chips and fresh salsa.

BBQ Quesadilla

$12.00 | A fresh grilled flour tortilla layered with pork, chicken, or brisket (add $3) and stuffed with cheese, pico de gallo and Dead End Red BBQ sauce. Served with chips and fresh salsa.


Our signature sandwiches are unique Dead End creations. All sandwiches are served with a choice of one side and bread & butter pickles.

Grilled Smoked Bologna

$10.00 | Thick cut and slow smoked to perfection, grilled and topped with cheddar cheese and grilled onions. Served with our own horseradish beer mustard on grilled sourdough.

Half sandwich and side $8

Brick Top Chicken

$12.00 | Tender chicken breast marinated with our Dead End Rub, grilled and topped with Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato, on a toasted bun or grilled sourdough. Chipotle mayo on the side.

Dead End Society Donates

Rebel Yell Burger*

$14.00 | Juicy fresh grilled burger basted with our Dead End Red sauce, topped with crisp bacon, sharp cheddar or smoked sharp cheddar, fried onion strings, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a toasted bun. Chipotle mayo served on the side.

All American Burger*

$11.00 | Juicy fresh grilled burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle on a toasted bun.

Choice of cheese $1
Add Bacon $1

Dead End Mac-Attack

$14.00 | You’re going to tell your friends about this one! Pulled pork or chicken with Dead End Red Sauce, caramelized onions, and a generous layer of our house made macaroni & pimento cheese between two slices of grilled sourdough!

Half sandwich and side $12

Tennessee Grilled Beef and Cheddar

$12.00 | Tender brisket topped with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and Dead End Red BBQ sauce on toasted sourdough.

Half sandwich and side $10

Dr. H’s Chick’n Cheddar

$12.00 | Pulled smoked chicken topped with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and Dead End Red BBQ sauce on toasted sourdough. Healthy and delicious!

Half sandwich and side $10


Biggest Nachos in Town $18 | Large enough to share $13 | Just right for one $9

BBQ Nachos

Choice of pork, chicken or brisket (add $3), with chili, queso, cheddar & jack cheeses. Garnished with green onions and onion strings. Fresh salsa and sour cream on the side.


Golden tater tots with your choice of pork, chicken or brisket (add $3), with chili, queso, cheddar & jack cheeses and green onions. Sour cream on the side.

Tailgate Nachos

House made seasoned potato chips smothered with pork, chicken or brisket (add $3), topped with queso, Dead End Red sauce and jalapeños.

Chips & Dips

$5.00 | Seasoned tortilla chips with fresh salsa.
$6.00 | House made seasoned potato chips with chipotle onion dip.


Specialty $4.00 Each | Classic $3.00 Each

Tender Slider

$4.00 ea | Fried chicken tender with smoked cheddar, hot honey, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and ranch on top.

Brisket Horseradish Slider

$4.00 ea | Sliced brisket with creamy horseradish and pickled red onions.

Dead End Cuban Slider

$4.00 ea | Grilled with pulled pork, smoked sausage, Monterey jack cheese, beer mustard, and dill pickles.

BBLT Slider

$4.00 ea | Sliced bologna, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo.

Classic Slider

$3.00 ea | Award-winning Dead End BBQ pork, chicken, chopped brisket, or bologna served on a toasted slider bun. Pick your favorite!

Build Your B♦︎B♦︎Q

Build your own feast of award-winning Dead End BBQ, house made sides, and a choice of Texas toast, jalapeño cornbread, or southern style cornbread.

Pulled Pork

1/4 lb $4.50 | 1/2 lb $9.00 | 1 lb $16.00

Sliced Brisket

1/4 lb $6.50 | 1/2 lb $13.00 | 1 lb $24.00

Pulled Chicken

1/4 lb $4.00 | 1/2 lb $8.00 | 1 lb $15.00

Smoked Sausage

1/4 lb $4.50 | 1/2 lb $9.00 | 1 lb $16.00

Burnt Ends

1/4 lb $7.00 | 1/2 lb $14.00 | 1 lb $26.00

Smoked Bologna

1/4 lb $4.00 | 1/2 lb $8.00 | 1 lb $15.00

St. Louis Cut Ribs

2 Bones $5.00 | 1/2 Rack $14.00 | Full Rack $26.00

George’s Competition Chicken

1 Bone $4.00 | 2 Bones $8.00 | 4 Bones $16.00


Taste $2.00 | Regular $4.00 | Shareable $8.00

• Beans and Smoked Sausage

• The Mayors Beans

• Creamed Corn

• Seasoned Fries

• Southern Style Green Beans

• Macaroni and Pimento Cheese

• Red, White and Bleu Slaw

• Rocky Top Potato Salad

• Sweet Potato Fries

• Fried Okra

• BuffalOkra

• Mashed Potatoes & BBQ Gravy

• Mixed Mustard & Turnip Greens

• Brussel Sprouts $4 ; sautéed with bacon and onions, topped with goat cheese

• Local Hot Chow-Chow $1

Our Favorite Family Feast

$70.00 | Serves 4-6 people (Side substitutions $3 each) 

  • 1/2 lb. Pulled Pork

  • 1/2 lb. Georges Competition Chicken

  • 1/2 lb. Sliced Brisket

  • 1/2 Rack of Ribs

  • Shareable Sides of Red White & Bleu Slaw, Beans & Smoked Sausage, Macaroni & Pimento Cheese, and Rocky Top Potato Salad.
  • Assorted southern style cornbread, jalapeño cornbread and Texas toast.


Sandwiches from the Smoker

Taste our award-winning BBQ. All sandwiches are served on a toasted bun with bread & butter pickles and house made seasoned potato chips.

Pulled Pork


Beef Brisket


Pulled Smoked Chicken


House Smoked Sausage


Substitute a side for chips, add $1.50


Jumbo Smoke House Wings

Our wings are seasoned with Dead End Rub, smoked for four hours and then crisped to order. Served with cool ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

Additional dressing .50 each.

  • Smoked Naked Wings

  • Smoked Buffalo Wings

  • Smoked Spicy BBQ Wings

  • Smoked Dead Hot Wings

One pound $14 | Half pound $9

Smoked Brisket Dry Rub Wings

One pound $15 | Half pound $10

Boneless Hand Breaded Wings

Choice of dipping sauce or one of our wing sauces.
One pound $10



$8.00 | Iceberg and spring mix lettuce, garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, crisp bacon, cheddar & jack cheeses, chopped egg, and house made croutons. Served with your choice of dressing.

Lunch portion $6.00

Add grilled chicken, crispy fried chicken tenders, pulled pork, pulled chicken or brisket $4.00

Beef Brisket and Bleu

$12.00 | Lettuce mix layered with our succulent brisket, garlic roasted tomatoes, carrots, bleu cheese crumbles, and fried onion strings served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Lunch portion $9

Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette


Hillbilly Chili

$4.00 CUP/ $9.00 BOWL| Just imagine that kick of the chili combined with the delicious tenderness and juiciness of the burnt ends; BRISKET BURNT ENDS AND GROUND BEEF simmered in our house made chili.

Smokehouse Stew

$4.00 CUP/ $9.00 BOWL | Our version of Brunswick Stew; lots of smoked meat & veggies!!


Homemade Banana Pudding

$7.00 | Large enough to share
$4.00 | Just right for one

Peanut Butter Pie


Pond Gap Pie


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