BBQ Throw Down

Grilling Out? Here’s What the Pitmasters at Dead End BBQ Recommend

BBQ holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially during the spring and summer months, when chillin’ and grillin’ out become a weekly event for some.

If you’re itching to fire up your grill this season, keep reading for our pitmasters’ spins on two classic dishes. Plus, discover how our sauces and rubs help elevate the backyard barbecue game — just in time to satisfy those sunny day cravings!

Delicious At-Home BBQ Dishes… with a Twist!

Pulled Pork Omelet: Your Morning Meal

Brunch fanatics, unite! Take your breakfast game to the next level with a pulled pork omelet featuring Dead End BBQ’s signature flavors. 

Simply combine our tender pulled pork with 2-3 eggs, shredded cheese (as much as your heart desires), jalapeños, and mushrooms. Top it off with a drizzle of Dead End Red Sauce for an unforgettable breakfast experience that puts cereal to shame!

Slightly-Spicy Meatloaf: Perfect for Lunch or Dinner

For a twist on a classic dish that can be enjoyed almost any time of the day, prep your favorite meatloaf recipe and don’t forget Dead End’s spicy BBQ sauce.

Once you’ve got all your favorite ingredients and spices, mix your ground beef with sweet bell peppers and diced onions, then generously glaze with our Dead End RED sauce before baking. The result? A mouthwatering meatloaf with a kick that everyone’s sure to love.

Put Your Grill Skills to the Test

May is National BBQ Month, and what better way to celebrate than by honing your skills on the grill from the comfort of your yard? Over the years, the pitmaster pros at Dead End BBQ have picked up on the secret to truly exceptional barbecue: the rub.

The rub you use is essential in developing the BBQ flavors you crave, but beyond that, it also plays a big role in retaining moisture during cooking. With a quality piece of protein, unique recipe or cooking method, and the right rub for your taste buds, it’s easy to take your barbeque game from beginner to pro level.

Ready to take your barbecue game to new heights? 

Let’s create BBQ dishes that will have you and your loved ones running for seconds. Visit our website to explore all of our menu items or shop our products today. Happy grilling!

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