Smokin’ Hot: A Masterclass in the Art of BBQ

On June 17th, BBQ lovers from around the country gathered for an annual event sponsored by the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Beef & Forage Center. Participants come together to learn the art of smoking incredible BBQ, and we look forward to it every year!

The Smoking School is a chance for enthusiasts to learn how to smoke their favorite meats perfectly—every time. And, just as he has been for years, Dead End BBQ co-owner George Ewart was in the thick of it, sharing his award-winning recipes and techniques for grillin’ up  melt-in-your-mouth meats.

Over a Decade of Teaching

Self-taught pitmaster, George, is no stranger to sharing his love of BBQ with other barbecuers and community members through classes and workshops, often hosted right here at Dead End! He became a mentor of meats nearly a decade and a half ago, when he first shared his passion for fire, smoke, and the magic of grilling with a class of aspiring pitmasters. 

Over the years, George’s involvement in teaching the art of BBQ has grown into an educational experience that draws students from every corner of the nation. Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama—over 420 attendees have traveled to Knoxville from all over to learn from George and put their own skills to the test.  

The class aims to teach a wide variety of individuals, from fellow restaurant owners looking to diversify their menu offerings, to food truck operators and self-professed foodies looking to hone their skills. Although attendees come from diverse backgrounds, they all share a common love for great food and a hunger for learning how to smoke meats to perfection.

Technique & Taste: BBQ is Subjective 

One thing that sets any class George is involved in apart is his humble approach toward BBQ. While he skillfully teaches “his way” of creating mouthwatering menus, he respects that BBQ is subjective and that other pitmasters offer their unique spins on this timeless culinary art.

To ensure students get a well-rounded education, every year George invites guest pitmasters with varying experience to share their favorite secrets, styles, and techniques for smoking different meats. This exposure to different techniques offers students a comprehensive learning experience that would please even the toughest chefs and food critics.

This year, George was joined by the renowned Peg Leg Porker to share their unique perspective on brisket and pork while George handled the chicken and ribs, sharing his signature techniques for tender, great-tasting BBQ.

The Spirit of BBQ

George Ewart’s BBQ classes are not just about learning how to cook. They are about understanding the spirit of BBQ, celebrating its diversity, and cherishing its universal appeal. His commitment to the craft and dedication to teaching has transformed his restaurant into a learning haven for BBQ lovers, helping create a community that shares his passion.

Even if you missed this year’s Smoking School, you don’t have to miss out on the taste of award-winning BBQ. You can take a smoky, sensational journey into the heart of BBQ when you visit Dead End, located in Knoxville on Sutherland Avenue.

Come hungry, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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