Meet the Team

Meet The Team: John Settino

Where Are You From

St. Augustine, FL

Tell us a little about yourself…

I was a nomadic child moving every 3 months, getting to see and meet a very diverse amount of people and things. I am always up for learning new skills and sharing any knowledge I have.

What is your favorite food to cook at home?

My favorite thing to cook is my mom’s pasta salad.

If you could add a new item to the menu, what would it be?

Salsa con Queso. A little pico de gallo sprinkled on top of our white house queso and drizzled with our house salsa. Served with tortilla chips.

Share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time at Dead End…

Working at Dead End has been such a learning experience and I never thought I would have had such a wonderful opportunity. One time I was catering a job for Wacker down in Chattanooga, TN. Upon arrival, all phones were taken by armed guards and they put tape on our camera lenses. As we drove into this guarded city of a worksite, we hardly saw any people. After setting up and lunch was called, over 1000 people came out of nowhere and flooded the cafeteria. We fed all 1000 people in a matter of minutes!!! I love being a part of a team that can handle that kind of volume while keep the quality of food and service outstanding.

(865) 212-5655

How do you want it?

Curbside / Carryout
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