Meet the Team

Meet The Team: John Molloy

Where Are You From:

Knoxville, TN

Tell us a little about yourself:

Before Dead End, I worked as a semi-truck driver for 12 years. When I stopped driving trucks, I entered a few barbecue competitions and now I have been competing for almost 6 years. I’ve got a beautiful wife and four daughters and I am so thankful for all of their support.

What is your favorite food to cook at home?

Oddly enough, I love cooking barbecue. Because I compete in barbecue competitions in my spare time, I am always perfecting my smoking techniques and working on new creations. My most recent dish is called The Fattie. It’s a bacon pinwheel filled with cream cheese and smoked sausage.

The Fattie

If you could add a new item to the menu, what would it be?

Beef ribs. It’s basically brisket on a stick and no one in Knoxville offers beef ribs on their menu.

Share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time at Dead End…

I met George at the 2010 Big BBQ Bash in Maryville. I was competing at the time and waiting for the results to be announced. After what seemed like forever, they announced that I had placed 1st in pork, 1st in chicken and 2nd in ribs. Because of my ranking, I was declared the 2010 Grand Champion. That day, George Ewart offered me a position as Dead End’s Pit Boss and the rest is history.

Smoked Brisket
(865) 212-5655

How do you want it?

Curbside / Carryout
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