Dead End BBQ Maryville Wine Dinners

You’ve got to be thinking… wine and barbecue… together? No way.

Well the team at Dead End BBQ Maryville is pairing our smoked fare with wines from across the world and let me tell you, it’s a match made in heaven.

Each month, General Manager MacLean Bell and Manager Levi Beckelhimer meet up with our local wine distributor to plan for one of the most unique events in the area.

Dead End Maryville’s monthly wine dinners started out showcasing our traditional barbecue and pairing them with the perfect wine that we offered in the restaurant. It was a great way to educate guests on which wines complimented pulled pork best versus sliced brisket.

After 5 months of dinners and featuring every item on the menu, MacLean and Levi took their culinary prowess one step further and went off menu. Since March, they have been cooking up a five course meal, consisting of seasonal foods and smoked meats that will blow your mind. They have even expanded their wine pairing selection.

I attended last night’s dinner, anxious to see what new dishes the team had come up with. The previous wine dinner in April, with the watermelon gazpacho and smoked sausage skewers drizzled with chimmichuri sauce would be pretty hard to top.

The evening started off with a cold, smoked corn and buttermilk soup with pickled peppercorns. It was paired with the Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc which balanced out the intense spiciness of the soup.

Second Course

The second course was a smoked salmon filet, glazed with our peach moonshine barbecue sauce and served on a mushroom and potato gratin. It was paired with the Zin Phomaniac Lodi Zinfandel.

I was only half way through and I was already starting to get full (mind you, the portions are huge and the wine glasses are filled to the top).
Out came the third course; a plate of beautiful St. Louis style ribs atop parmesan roasted cauliflower. The ribs tasted like they were fresh out of the smoker and were paired with the Filus Malbec from Argentina.

Fourth Course

A palate cleansing melon sorbet was served before the fourth course to prep our taste buds for the awesome dish to come. And honestly, with it being 96 degrees outside, I could have eaten a whole bowl of the sorbet and called it a day.

But I moved forward and graciously accepted the coffee and pepper crusted tenderloin that was set in front of me. The tenderloin was topped with a pineapple chutney and accompanied with fingerling potatoes and snow peas. It was paired with the Natura Carmenere from Chile, which is one of Levi’s favorite wines.

And for the finale, a goat cheese panna cotta served with marinated strawberries. They chose to pair this dessert with the Vilacetinho Vinho Verde, which was light and fresh to round out the dinner.

As usual, I left the dinner in awe and full. I am so lucky to work with such an amazing group of people like MacLean and Levi. They have created an exceptional experience that not only celebrates our style of barbecue, but it shows that barbecue knows no limits. They are always innovating and their hard work shows as every dinner continues to sell out.

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