Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Michael Von Wahlde

Where Are You From:

Born in Chicago, IL. Raised in Nashville, TN.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I have lived in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville before moving to Knoxville to pursue a Computer Science degree at the University of Tennessee. Dead End has been my main source of income since joining the company in 2009.

When you are at work, what is your “go-to” meal?

It’s a tie between several items: wings, sliced brisket, grilled smoked bologna and smoked sausage with cheese.

What is your favorite saying that has been posted on the Dead End Sign?

“Get your freshman 15 here.”

Share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time at Dead End…

It’s hard to pick just one experience because I have had so many while working for the company. I really love having our softball games on Monday nights. It’s a fun way to get the crew together (even if we only win one game per season J).

(865) 212-5655

How do you want it?

Curbside / Carryout
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